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7 Tips on Contacting Your Representatives

  1. Always be respectful and considerate. A rude or accusing tone won’t accomplish anything.  
  2. Shorter is better, so keep your message clear and to the point. 
  3.  If you’re concerned about a specific bill then mention the bill number. 
  4.  Always identify yourself and give your address and contact information. As a voter in your district, your voice matters! 
  5.  Be specific! Precise facts or personal stories are much stronger than general, vague statements. 
  6.  Request a course of action, such as proposing a bill or voting for or against a piece of legislation. 
  7.  Thank them for taking the time to listen to your concerns.

So what are you waiting for? Let your representatives know! Contact a state senator, Nebraska state official, or federal representative and let your voice be heard!

Prayer for the Nebraska Catholic Conference

Eternal Father, You call us to engage the world so that Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, might be made visible in the words and actions of Your servants. Through the good work of the Nebraska Catholic Conference, may the light and grace of the Gospel shine upon the many difficult problems, questions, policies and issues that arise in our secular world, which so often does not recognize what is good and true and beautiful.  Grant to all of those who work in and with the Nebraska Catholic Conference, on behalf of our citizens who are often denied justice in our culture, the charity, courage and perseverance they need to do Your work in serenity, joy and peace.  We invoke the intercession of Blessed Mary and all of the Saints and the Holy Angels, who stand ready to carry out Your divine will. We ask all in the power of the Holy Spirit and through Jesus Christ Your Son our Lord. Amen

St. John Fisher, pray for us.  St. Thomas More, pray for us.  

Click here to download and print a copy of the prayer.

  • 2017 Legislation

     LB46 – "Choose Life" License Plates – SupportWould create "Choose Life" license plate for motor vehicles. Funds received from the plates would go to the Child Abuse Prevention Fund.LB295 – Opportunity Scholarship Act – SupportWould enact a tax credit for donations to a scholarship granting organization, that would in turn provide private-school scholarships for low- and middle-income families.LB312 – Eliminates sales tax exemptions for scho...  Read More...

  • 2016 Legislation

    Sanctity of Human LifeLB 1056 (Oppose) This bill, introduced by Sen. Ernie Chambers, proposes to legalize doctor-prescribed suicide. Proponents are relentless in their efforts to legalize assisted suicide state by state and they have some momentum after California legalized it last fall.   Read More...

  • 2015 Legislation

    LEGISLATION SUPPORTED BY NEBRASKA CATHOLIC CONFERENCE:LB 26 – Choice for Nebraska Children in Education Act (scholarship tax credit bill) Text of bill: Introducer:  Sen. Bob Krist      Not priortized Status:  In Revenue Committee. Efforts are being made before the 2016 session to secure enough votes to get the bill out of Committee. —More information on LB 26LB 89 – Raise m...  Read More...

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